Best Baizhu Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Best Baizhu Team Comps in Genshin Impact

If you’ve been lucky enough to acquire Baizhu, the latest banner character in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to figure out how best to use him. While his equipment is important, it’s the team set-up that really makes a difference in your performance. As a Dendro user, healer, and shielder, Baizhu has some great applications and solid team comps you can build him into to give you the best chances of tackling the challenges in Genshin Impact!

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Best Team Comps to Build Around Baizhu in Genshin Impact

Good news for Baizhu owners, there are plenty of great options to use your snake-wearing new character with. Thanks to his Dendro element skills, you can make use of reactions around Hyperbloom, Aggravate, and Burgeon to create some really strong Baizhu comps.

Alhaitham – Raiden Shogun – Yelan – Baizhu

Best Baizhu Team Comps in Genshin Impact - Hyperbloom

Hyperbloom is one of the most powerful reactions in Genshin Impact, which makes it a no-brainer to build a comp that uses this. This particular set-up makes for an incredibly strong team with tons of reaction potential and damage alongside good healing and shielding from Baizhu.
Alhaitham comes in as your main DPS and Dendro applicator, with Raiden Shogun as a sub-DPS and Electro user who can trigger blooms into Hyperblooms, while Yelan features as another sub-DPS and Hydro applicator. Baizhu acts as your support, bringing healing, shielding, and back-up Dendro application.

Kaveh – Xinqiu – Shinobu – Baizhu

If you’re a newer player or just don’t have many 5-star characters yet, this comp is a great, budget Hyperbloom option that features 4-star characters alongside Baizhu. If you’ve pulled Baizhu, there’s a good chance you’ve also picked up Kaveh from the current banner, so this is a great chance to put the two together in a pretty darn good Hyperbloom team.
Make sure to build Kaveh with as high attack damage as possible to serve as your main DPS. Because he only applies Dendro after using his Elemental Burst, you’ll want to set up with the other characters first before swapping him in to use his Burst and start swinging. Xinqui takes the role of Hydro applicator and sub-DPS. Kuki Shinobu brings amazing off-field Electro to trigger Hyperblooms and provides extra healing. Baizhu is then your backup Dendro applicator, as Kaveh is not able to keep it applied the whole time himself, plus you get his healing and shielding to boot. 

Alhaitham – Yae Miko – Fischl – Baizhu

Best Baizhu Team Comps in Genshin Impact - Aggravate

Moving away from Hyperbloom, we also have an Aggravate team that works well with Baizhu. Alhaitham and Yae Miko will be dealing the majority of the damage, while Fischl and Baizhu help to keep the Aggravate reaction going. Baizhu serves a double purpose here, using his skills to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Alhaitham – Xingqiu – Thoma – Baizhu

Burgeon is also an awesome build to try out. While not quite as strong as Hyperbloom, it still has great impact. Alhaitham leads the charge on damage in this team comp, with Xingqiu and Thoma providing sub-DPS and the Hydro and Pyro application needed to trigger the Burgeon reactions. Meanwhile, Baizhu again plays back-up by providing the healing and shielding for the team and a little extra Dendro application.

That covers it for the best team comps to build around Baizhu in Genshin Impact. If you’re missing specific 5-star characters, remember that you can always sub others in and out and have builds that are almost as strong. Plus, many of these 5-star characters will be featured in upcoming character banners, so maybe we’ll all get lucky and pull them to use eventually!

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