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Best Atlas Prime Build in Warframe


Want to know the best build to turn your Atlas Prime in Warframe into a fists-of-fury beast, punching out crit after crit? Well, you’ve come to the right place then! This Atlas Prime Landslide build will make you happy you own this Frame; there is just something very satisfying about being able to run around knocking Grineer lights out with this build.

Best Atlas Prime Landslide Build in Warframe

As with most melee-focused builds, this take on Atlas Prime requires a built melee weapon to be used alongside it to help buff the Landslide damage output.


For the Arcanes, you’ll want to use Arcane Blessing. This Arcane grants increased Max HP on Health pickups and stacks up to 50 times, which makes Atlas Prime much tankier. It’s very valuable for this build, as we’ll be getting up close and personal the whole time. For the other Arcane, we’ll be using Arcane Energize. This build can be quite energy hungry until you get Rubble Heap activating, and this Arcane helps a ton with that issue because of the extra energy it provides on energy pickup.

Weapon & Weapon Mods

You’ll want to use the best Dagger you have available for this build. On top of that, we’ll be using the following mods to boost our Landslide damage output:

  • Pointed Wind Stance
  • Pressure Pointed (Primed for an upgrade)
  • Gladiator Might (For crit stacking)
  • Organ Shatter
  • Sacrificial Steel
  • Fever Strike (Primed for an upgrade)
  • Shocking Touch
  • Blood Rush (Very important for building crit with combo)
  • Spoiled Strike

Best Atlas Prime Melee mods

Atlas Prime Frame Mods

We want to build Atlas Prime with tons of ability strength, some good range, and duration. We’ll also be using a couple Atlas-specific mods for this build.

The Frame mods to use are as follows:

  • Steel Charge Aura (Melee damage scales well with this build)
  • Continuity (Primed version for an upgrade)
  • Equilibrium
  • Rubble Heap (No mana cost for Landslide once we have enough stacks)
  • Path of Statues
  • Adaptation
  • Stretch
  • Blind Rage
  • Intensify (Umbral version for an upgrade)

Best Atlas Prime build

With the mods from the weapon combined with the mods from the Frame and the Arcanes, this Atlas Prime build starts to deal massive damage with the Landslide skill. You should be able to keep it going pretty well thanks to Energize keeping you topped up on energy. Plus, you will also have a ton of health, armor, and resistances, so you’ll be nice and tanky as you run around knocking out your enemies’ teeth!

That covers it for the best Atlas Prime build in Warframe. With enough investment you can be hitting face-melting red crits with your Landslide attacks, and you’ll rarely go down thanks to the defensive mods! But if you want to change things up further, we’ve also got guides to the best builds for Ash Prime, Mirage Prime, and more

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