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Best Blade Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Blade Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

Blade is the newest addition to Honkai: Star Rail thanks to patch 1.2, and his incredible power means he can be at his best in several team comps. Not only is he the biggest edgelord, but he’s also the strongest AOE DPS in the game and also the 3rd strongest single target DPS. This makes him one of the best damage dealers to build a team around. I was lucky enough to pull Blade, so here are some teams that work amazingly well with him!

Best Team Comps to Try with Blade in Honkai: Star Rail

Blade scales his damage off his HP. He likes to get damaged and drop his own HP with his skills, which means he requires some specific team comps to play at his best. You can’t throw him in any team like you can with a lot of other main damage dealers. With him gaining damage by lowering his HP, you need a strong healer to keep him sustained so that he can continually lower his HP, recover it, then rinse and repeat. Due to Blade wanting to take damage, he doesn’t function in a team with a tank—so no Gepard, Fire Trailblazer, or March 7th should ever be on his teams, otherwise their shields will take the hits and Blade will be dealing sub-optimal damage.

Blade Nuke Comp

Blade – Luocha – Bronya – Silver Wolf

This is one of the most formidable team comps to use with Blade. It focuses entirely on Blade being the main damage source. Luocha is Blade’s best in-slot healer, able to keep him topped up with ease (and the rest of the team for that matter), plus the team-wide attack buffs make these two a perfect pairing. If you don’t have Luocha you can swap in any other healer, but they won’t be quite as powerful or comfortable. Bronya is still the best buffer in the game, so it’s no surprise her buffs are best for increasing Blade’s damage output. You can swap her out for Tingyun or Yukong if you don’t have her. Lastly, Silver Wolf rounds off the team as the best de-buffer in the game. If you have Bronya on the team, you’ll have a good chance of Silver Wolf applying Wind elemental weakness to enemies, allowing Blade to help break their shields and deal even more damage. Plus Silver Wolf’s ultimate shreds so much defense that Blade will be absolutely clobbering whichever enemy she targets.

Super Damage Bros Comp

Blade – Luocha – Bronya – Jing Yuan

This team comp is what happens when you pair up the two biggest AOE damage dealers in the game. The answer: you get some pretty crazy damage output. It works better than most double damage dealer comps because Blade himself consumes very few skill points; he mostly uses his basic attack, follow up attacks from his passive, and then also his ultimate. This means he’s able to deal maximum damage while another damage dealer uses up most of the skill points. So, someone who also has massive damage and needs a lot of skill points like Jing Yuan, Seele, or Yanqing can contribute their full damage as well. This is amazing synergy that we’ve not seen before in Honkai: Star Rail. Hopefully more damage dealers that need minimal skill points are added in the future as well! You can swap Luocha for any other healer if needed, and Bronya can be subbed out for a range of characters including Tingyun, Yukong, Asta, Pela, or Silver Wolf, and they will all be fantastic options for the team.

Those are the two best team comps I’ve found so far to use with Blade in Honkai: Star Rail. They are both pretty flexible, incredibly powerful, and fun to play. If you manage to pull Blade, I’d highly recommend you try out these comps! We also have a range of guides for team comps and builds for many other characters in the game, so make sure to check them out.

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