If you’re still looking for one of the recently discontinued NES Classic Editions, Best Buy will have them in stock this week.

Earlier this month, Nintendo made the perplexing decision to discontinue the already-scarce NES Classic Edition. The console had been plagued with supply issues, with many stores receiving shipments in the single digits, and scalpers exploiting this by reselling the consoles for exorbitant prices on eBay. However, Best Buy has announced that a final shipment of the consoles will go on sale from this week.

In an add for the store (spotted by Cheap Ass Gamer), it was revealed that Best Buy would be holding NES Classics and Nintendo Switches for sale from April 24 and April 28 respectively.

As Nintendo stated that the last shipments of the NES Classic would be sent out this month, this may be your very last chance to get one of these consoles before they disappear from store shelves forever, and go on to exist only in the land of high-priced eBay resales.

Source: Cheap Ass Gamer.

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