JAK Patriot Weapon Inspect in Call of Duty MW3 Firing Range

Best JAK Patriot Loadout in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Multiplayer

Sledgehammer finally added the JAK Patriot aftermarket part in Week 7 of Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Season 3, turning the M16 from burst-fire to fully automatic. Here’s the best loadout for the JAK Patriot in MW3 Multiplayer. 

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JAK Patriot Attachments in MW3 Multiplayer

JAK Patriot M16 Loadout in Call of Duty MW3

Your attachment selection has some limits when running the JAK Patriot. Firstly, the Conversion Kit itself counts as an attachment, so you can really only run four attachments. Additionally, the barrel cannot be changed. Still, there are plenty of options for viable attachment in MW3. These are our favorites:


This muzzle is the most important part of our build. While it does reveal you on the mini-map for longer when you shoot, the JAK Patriot is still a great gun for being aggressive. The M16 with this Conversion Kit has low recoil until after around the sixth shot in sustained fire. After that, it will kick severely up and to the left. The JAK BFB Muzzle greatly reduces recoil, which makes it a must-have on this weapon. This attachment’s biggest downside is its added weight, which reduces handling. However, some of our attachments later will help mitigate that. 

FTAC SP-10 Angled Grip

This underbarrel attachment helps quite a bit with horizontal recoil in the JAK Patriot loadout in MW3, with no reduction to ADS Speed. It reduces the horizontal recoil by 12%, which can help a lot with stability and keeping shots on target. In combination with the JAK BFB, it helps keep recoil mostly vertical, which is far easier to compensate for with input.

Assault-60 Stock Factory

This stock is the base stock for the M4 but is an attachment on the M16. It helps increase the ADS speed by 4%, which helps when using the gun aggressively. However, this stock also increases all types of recoil by 5% each. But in combination with the Muzzle and Grip above, the recoil is still far lower than it is at base. 


This laser helps increase ADS speed by 8%. It is a really noticeable increase, and it helps players snap on to target faster. It also increases Aiming Stability, which helps even further to push this gun out to long ranges. As a downside, other players will be able to see your laser sight when you’re aimed down sights. However, with the JAK Patriot’s fast time to kill, enemies likely won’t have enough time to respond. 

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Vest, Gear & More for the JAK Patriot Loadout in MW3 Multiplayer

M16 JAK Patriot Class Setup

The rest of our JAK Patriot loadout is made for objective modes. If you want to be a team player and capture and defend points while still racking up streaks for yourself, this is a great kit.

Engineer Vest

The engineer vest is great for playing in a support role. It allows you to counter enemy explosives and equipment by highlighting them and allowing you to ping them for your team. It also lets you have an extra gear slot, giving you the opportunity to take more perks into the fight. 

Marksman Gloves

These gloves help you stay on target by reducing flinch and weapon sway.

All-Terrain Boots

Since these boots were added in Season 3 Reloaded, they have become my favorite. They give you classic Call Of Duty movement, increasing speed but removing the option for Tac Sprint. Since I’ve switched to these boots, I haven’t missed Tac Sprint at all, as you can fire out of sprint so much faster without it. 

Mag Holster

The Mag Holster helps you reload faster. It’s a simple perk but one that is super effective. It is especially helpful on the JAK Patriot since spraying and praying with the M16 will burn ammo far quicker than burst fire. 

EOD Padding

The EOD Padding helps mitigate explosive damage taken. That makes it a great pick for players who want to hold down objectives or lock lanes, as they will have to face a lot of grenade spam. 

In addition, I chose to use the Stormender to help destroy enemy streaks, the Stim to heal faster, and the Trophy System to protect against enemy equipment.

And that’s the best loadout for the JAK Patriot in MW3 Multiplayer.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone are available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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