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Best Kaveh Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Best Kaveh Team Comps in Genshin Impact
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Have you pulled the impeccably stylish, Dendro-wielding architect Kaveh from the latest character banner in Genshin Impact and are wondering about the best team comps to make use of him? If you’ve sorted the best weapons for Kaveh and are committing the resources to level him up, you’ll want to make sure you’re putting him in a team that will perform well.

Best Team Comps to Run with Kaveh in Genshin Impact

It’s important to know that Kaveh’s Dendro infusion from his Elemental Burst disappears when you switch him out, which means he needs to be an on-field damage dealer to be of much use. As such, he needs teammates that can provide off-field support and elemental application.

Kaveh – Xingqiu – Nahida – Nilou

This is an awesome Bloom team comp to use with Kaveh. Thanks to off-field Hydro and Dendro application from Xingqiu and Nahida, Kaveh can make full use of his Elemental Burst before you swap to Nilou as the sub-DPS. You’ll have blooms galore going off and plenty of damage with this team comp.

Kaveh – Xingqiu – Kuki Shinobu – Nahida

This is a great value Hyperbloom team comp to use with Kaveh. Nahida is the only 5-star character present, but it’s still a formidable team. Nahida and Xingqiu will ensure that you have plenty of Blooms popping up, and Kuki Shinobu’s ability will help you detonate those Bloom cores while you focus on on-field damage with Kaveh.  

Kaveh – Xingqiu – Rosaria – Baizhu

Best Kaveh Team Comps in Genshin Impact - Kaveh Fridge

A Fridge team comp is also another strong option for Kaveh, as his Claymore strikes deliver some nice Shatter damage on frozen enemies in addition to the Bloom damage. Xingqiu is back again for Hydro application, with Rosaria being the Cryo of choice here to make this build another value option. However, you can swap in any Cryo character as long as they provide off-field or sub-DPS Cryo support. Baizhu is the featured 5-star character of this comp, providing extra Dendro application to supplement Kaveh and also driving the healing and shielding for the team.

 Kaveh – Xingqiu – Sucrose – Kokomi

A less common build but one that is effective and great value is a Bloom Swirl build. Using Xingqiu for Hydro, Sucrose to swirl the Hydro, and Kokomi for further Hydro support and healing sets Kaveh up with a great team to deal good damage on field.

That covers it for some of the best team comps to try out with the brand new character Kaveh in Genshin Impact. Hopefully you have the characters needed to try out some of these builds because they are a ton of fun and really make Kaveh shine!

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