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Best Lyney Teams in Genshin Impact

Lyney can be an incredible addition with the right group around him. Here are the best Lyney teams in Genshin Impact

The new Fontaine magician Lyney is an awesome 5 Star Pyro DPS character in Genshin Impact. If you pull him, build him right, and use him in the right team comps, he’s capable of S-tier damage. He’s an interesting character, as he was designed to be used with a mono Pyro team. His Ascension 4 passive grants him a massive damage boost against targets inflicted with Pyro. This means if you used an elemental reaction such as Vaporize or Melt you’d lose out on that damage. While elemental reaction damage is usually sought after, Lyney’s not that kind of character. He wants to be the star of the show, and in order to get good damage out of him you’ll have to comply. So lets take a look at the teams that work best with him.

Best Teams to Use With Lyney in Genshin Impact

Mono Pyro Swirl

Lyney | Xiangling | Bennett | Kazuha

Mono Pyro usually means 3 Pyro and 1 neutral support. This could be an Anemo support or a Geo shielder. These teams optimize for Lyney’s passive but retain one team slot for a low reaction element. Having an Anemo or Geo character can help break enemy Pyro shields and usually apply excellent buffs to the team.

In this team comp, Bennett would be built to be the healer. His Burst provides a huge Attack buff as well as quick healing when standing in it. It’s also very easy for Kazuha to use it to Swirl with his Skill and Burst. Kazuha can help the team shred Pyro element resistances, which can be crucial when running the one element. Xiangling is one of the best sub-DPS in the game. Her ability to come in, use her Skill and Burst, then swap out off-field is unrivaled. No other Pyro off-field damage dealer can come close, and she even out-damages most on-field DPS characters. With this combination of teammates, Lyney will thrive. You could swap out Kazuha for Lynette or Sucrose here as well if you don’t have him.

Mono Pyro Shield

Lyney | Xiangling | Bennett | Zhongli

One of the biggest drawbacks of a charged shot bow playstyle is getting knocked around and interrupted. While the team above featuring Kazuha is the best for damage output, it’s also prone to getting battered around. Kazuha can crowd control smaller enemies, which is great. For elites and bosses however, prepare to have your Lyney’s charged shots interrupted all the time. That’s where this comp comes in, and a lower DPS but much more comfortable variation. You’ll want the same Lyney, Xiangling, and Bennett core because it’s incredibly powerful and synergistic. But this time we’ll be introducing a shielder to provide damage mitigation and resistance to being interrupted. This will allow Lyney to fire off all the charged shots he needs in comfort and style.

Zhongli is still the best shielder in the game. He will be re-running soon on the limited banner if you don’t have him yet. In the meantime there are some other solid options that can work in his place. Xinyan at Constellation 2 becomes a viable shielder that could work great. Constellation 4 Yanfei provides some nice shielding. Kirara is also a very good option, as she has a strong shield and Dendro shouldn’t interfere with the Pyro aura too much either. Plus she’s got a fun and silly playstyle that works really well alongside Lyney.

Those are the two best team comps to try out with Lyney in Genshin Impact. You can go for maximum damage with a Swirl setup if you’re confident in dodging and positioning. Otherwise go for a shielder setup and play a more relaxing team comp that can still pump out solid damage.

For more, check out our guide to the Best Lyney Build in Genshin Impact.

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