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Best Nahida Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Best Nahida Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Nahida is one of the best characters in Genshin Impact thanks to abilities that allow her to rapidly apply Dendro damage to enemies. This skill makes her an excellent character to combo within a variety of builds. If you’ve obtained her from the most recent character banner in Genshin Impact, then read on for the best team comps to use Nahida in.

What Are The Best Team Comps to Use With Nahida in Genshin Impact?

With Nahida being such a good Dendro character, there are plenty of builds that work amazingly well. Because of her possible range, I’ll focus on a couple of stand out builds that will be well worth trying out if you have the characters.

Nahida Hyper Bloom

If you pulled Nahida from the latest character banner, chances are you also got Xingqui and Kuki Shinobu, who were featured 4-star characters. They also happen to form an amazing core Hyper Bloom team with Nahida as the primary DPS character.

The ideal setup would be: Nahida – Xingqui – Kuki Shinobu – Raiden

Setting up with Nahida and then swapping to Xingqui and Kuki Shinobu to pop their burst and then switching back to Nahida will see you dealing tremendous damage.

You can really put whomever you like as the fourth choice. However, having another powerful Electro character like Raiden or Keqing is an excellent choice. Alternatively, you could go for another Dendro user, such as Traveler. The soon-to-release Baizhu could also be a really good Dendro addition to the team.

Nahida Catalyze

This build is probably the top-tier Nahida comp that you could do right now. But it is much more difficult to pull off as it requires a bunch of 5-star characters to work optimally. For this team comp you’ll want to run: Nahida – Yae Miko – Fischl – Zhongli.

Put Nahida up front to apply Dendro off the bat, followed by Yae Miko who sets up her electro attachment to react with Nahida’s Dendro. Fischl applies more continuous Electro damage, and Zhongli can buff the whole team’s damage and use his shields to keep everyone safe.

These are the two best builds I’ve used with Nahida in Genshin Impact, but there are so many variations and other team comps she’ll work well in. She really is an incredibly versatile character to build around!   

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