Image of the Pokemon Mystery Gift screen, with several Pokemon merch items floating around it
Image via The Pokemon Company

18 Best Pokémon Gifts For 2024 (Tier List)

Need a gift for a Pokemon fan? Look no further than our tier list of the best Pokemon gifts this year.

If you have a Pokemon fan in your life, chances are you’ve considered getting them a Pokemon-themed gift. But how do you know the best gifts to give your favorite Pokemon fan? This tier list ranks some of our top picks for this year.

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Best Pokemon Gifts Tier List

Here’s a quick overview of the gifts for Pokemon fans that you’ll find in our ranked list. Keep reading for more info on each gift and why we think your PokePal will love it.

TierPokemon Gifts
Pokemon GO Plus+
Authentic Love Ball Replica
Custom PokePet Card
Funko Pop Moments Starter Set
a tierCharizard Nanoblock Building Kit
Huge Sleepy Eeveelution Plush
Bulbasaur Switch Case
Snorlax Squishmallow
Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer Set
b tierPsyduck Onesie
Pokemon Crocs
Not Today Snorlax T-Shirt
Pokemon Waffle Maker
Pika Hut T-Shirt
c tierPokemon Wall Decals
Waterproof Eevee-themed Card Binder
Pokemon Luggage Tags
Pokemon PopSockets
Pokemon Gifts Tier List


Pokemon GO Plus+

Image of the package for a Pokemon GO Plus+
Image via Nintendo

There are few Pokemon GO fans who haven’t at least considered getting the Pokemon GO Plus+. This tracker helps them catch Pokemon on the go, and also integrates with Pokemon Sleep to make sleep research easier. If you’re looking for a Pokemon gift that’s sure to please, this is a solid choice.

Wand Company Authentic Love Ball Replica

Image of the authentic Love Ball replica from The Wand Company
Image via The Wand Company

No matter your relationship to your favorite Pokemon fan, there’s probably an authentic Wand Company replica that will suit the occasion. From the Love Ball for your special someone to the Friend Ball for your favorite pal, these electronic replicas are truly a collector’s item that any Pokemon fan would display proudly.

Custom Poke-Inspired PokePet Card

Photo of a Pokemon-style card featuring a photo of a dog
Image via PokePet

Pokemon fans with real-life animal companions are sure to love these custom Pokemon-inspired cards from PokePet. Send in a photo of their beloved pet and PokePet will create a special keepsake card just for them. Not gifting a pet person? They also do cards themed around different professions and occasions.

Funko Pop Moments Starter Set

Photo of a Funko Pop starter set featuring Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle Funko Pops
Image via Funko

Immortalize the moment of choosing your first Pokemon starter with this deluxe set from Funko Pop. Featuring a Pokemon lab backdrop, this set comes with signature Funko figurines of Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Perfect for the Pokemon fan who just can’t pick a fave OG starter.


Charizard Nanoblock Building Kit

Image of a Charizard figure built entirely of blocks
Image via KAWADA

Gift them a fan-favorite Pokemon and a challenge all in one. This Charizard building kit comes with over 770 pieces, sure to keep them busy creating their masterpiece. At 7.5 inches when complete, it won’t take up too much space but still makes a statement.

Huge Sleepy Eeveelution Plush

Photo of an Espeon plush, curled up and sleeping
Image via ELEFOCUS

Some of us can’t get enough of how cute Pokemon are when they’re sleeping. Bring Pokemon Sleep to real life with these huge sleeping Eeveelution plushies. Great for cuddles or as a pillow.

Bulbasaur Switch Case

Photo of a Nintendo switch front and back, in a green case with a Bulbasaur pattern
Image via DLseego

Give the grass-type trainer in your life a total makeover for their Nintendo Switch console with this Bulbasaur-themed protective case. It looks good and will help ensure they’ll be playing Pokemon on their console for years to come.

Snorlax Squishmallow

Image of a Snorlax Squishmallow
Image via Squishmallow

Who doesn’t want to cuddle with the Pokemon Sleep mascot in squishable form? This official Pokemon Squishmallow collab is the perfect gift for Pokemon fans of all ages, whether they remember Snorlax blocking the path in Red and Blue or came to the series more recently.

Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box

Photo of the Temporal Forces Elite Trainer box, with all included items spread out next to the box
Image via The Pokemon Company

Give the gift of opening a ton of Pokemon Card packs with an Elite Trainer Box. These sets include nine packs of booster cards to open, plus energy cards, artwork, and other accessories for playing the Pokemon card game.


Psyduck Onesie

Photo of a person wearing a Psyduck onesie with the hood up
Image via AILMQYJL

Whether your favorite Pokemon fan is part of Psyduck’s chronic migraine crew or just enjoys a cozy onesie to snuggle in, they need this onesie. It also comes in a matching parent and kiddo Pikachu set.

Pokemon Crocs

Photo of white Crocs shoes with a Pokemon pattern featuring the three Kanto starters
Image via Crocs

Are Pokemon-themed Crocs the best or the worst thing mankind has created? I’m honestly not sure, but either way, they exist. That means you can gift them to the Pokemon fan who needs a comfy cult-followed shoe that supports their fandom.

Not Today Snorlax T-Shirt

Image of a t-shirt with a Snorlax on it, and the words "Not Today"
Image via The Pokemon Company

Sometimes, you just need to channel your inner Snorlax and refuse to move. This t-shirt really captures those lazy day/bed rotting vibes and is the perfect fit for the exhausted Millennial Pokemon fan in your life.

Pokemon Waffle Maker

Image of a Pokemon-branded waffle maker with a picture of Squirtle on the top
Image via Uncanny Brands

Uncanny Brands offers waffle makers with the faces of several Kanto favorites, including all three starters, Pikachu, and Eevee. Give a Pokemon fan the gift of starting their morning with a smile in the form of Pokemon-themed waffles.

Pika-Hut T-Shirt

Photo of a person wearing a t-shirt with a Pikachu looking over the Pizza Hut logo, with the words "pika Hut" on it
Image via MegaNerdShop

This Pika-Hut t-shirt combines two of the most important things in life – Pokemon and pizza. For the Pokemon fan who loves to sit down with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and their favorite ‘za, this t-shirt would be a perfect gift.


Pokemon Wall Decals

Image of a hand placing a removable Pokemon wall decal on the wall
Image via RoomMates

Who doesn’t need a Pokemon-themed room in their home? These affordable peel-and-stick wall decals will let Pokemon fans create their own designs. They’re supposed to be easy to remove, so you can switch it up if your favorite changes.

Waterproof Eevee-Themed Card Binder

Photo of a card binder with an Eevee pattern on it
Image via Himimo

Whether they need a new home for their growing card collection or are just starting out, Pokemon TCG fans need a new card binder. We always need a new card binder. This one features art of Eevee spilling out of a coffee cup, and honestly, what could be better?

Pokemon Luggage Tags

Two luggage tags, one shaped like Pikachu and a second next to it shaped like a PokeBall
Image via Bioworld

A perfect Pokemon gift for fans of all ages, these Pokemon luggage tags are practical and adorable. For the young Pokemon trainer going on their first adventure to the seasoned traveler looking to rep their fandom, this is a gift they’re sure to enjoy.

Pokemon PopSockets

Image of a phone with a Gengar PopSocket attached, next to a larger image of the Gengar Popsocket
Image via Popsockets

Help a Pokemon fan keep a grip on their phone, e-reader, or tablet with a Pokemon-themed PopSocket. There are several designs to choose from, from silicon Pokemon heads to enamel cozy designs. We’re going with Gengar to show those ghost-type trainers some love.

FAQs About Pokemon Gifts

What are the best Pokemon cards to buy as a gift?

The best Pokemon cards to get for the Pokemon fan in your life depends a little bit on their preferences. For instance, if they’re a diehard Eeveelution lover, grabbing a rare Umbreon or Espeon card could be special. In most cases, though, a nice set of cards to open will go far with Pokemon TCG collectors.

In 2024, we recommend the Scarlet & Violet Collector Tins or Elite Trainer Box as a great choice for Pokemon Trading Card fans.

Where is the best place to buy Pokemon gifts?

Pokemon is a popular franchise, so you can get good quality, officially licensed Pokemon gifts just about anywhere. You can snag Pokemon merch at Amazon, Walmart, and even the Aldi aisle of shame if you’re lucky.

Besides these convenient and affordable places, The Pokemon Center is a great online option for the latest and greatest in Pokemon merch from apparel to home goods and more.

What’s a good gift for adult Pokemon fans?

Many people think of kids when they see Pokemon plushies and cards, but honestly, some of the best Pokemon gifts these days are aimed at adults.

There are a ton of Pokemon-inspired home goods like the waffle iron we linked above that can be a fun and tasteful addition to your adult Pokemon fan’s home. The Pokemon Center even released an entire kitchen line that includes an adorable Pikachu butter dish! Not to say many of us don’t still collect the plushies and cards, because we definitely do.

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