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Best Sasquatch Decks in Marvel Snap

At this point, pretty much every folklore or mythological creature has become a Marvel character. This is also true of Marvel Snap’s Sasquatch. Yes, Bigfoot himself hangs out with Wolverine and friends. With the card now in the game, here are our picks for the best Sasquatch decks in Marvel Snap.

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How Sasquatch Works in Marvel Snap

Sasquatch is a 6 energy 10 power card with an ability that reads: “Costs 1 less for each card you played last turn.”

This is a pretty straightforward effect, akin to the likes of Mockingbird and She-Hulk as they also get discounts for a certain amount of cards played or unplayed.

The “played” keyword is important for Sasquatch. It means that Mysterio, which plays 3 copies, will discount him; however, as Squirrel Girl’s On Reveal effect produces two more squirrels, she will not discount him.

Best Sasquatch Decks in Marvel Snap

Sasquatch isn’t going to spawn a new archetype in Marvel Snap on his own, but I do believe he fits best into several decks, most notably Bounce lists and decks with multiple low energy cards. Let’s take a look at bounce first:

  • The Hood
  • Kitty Pryde
  • Nico Minoru
  • Angela
  • Beast
  • Falcon
  • Mysterio
  • Sage
  • Bishop
  • Hit-Monkey
  • Elsa Bloodstone
  • Sasquatch

You may recognize this list as a popular one that typically runs Bast; however, Bast has anti-synergy with Sage and Sasquatch, so I’ve cut the God of Wakanda for the latter. The goal is fairly simple here: play Kitty Pryde into Angela, bringing your cheap cards back into your hand on turn 4 with Beast or Falcon before dropping them on turn 5 once again. Mysterio gains extra utility here, being able to play him on turn 5 to discount Sasquatch or turn 6 to buff up Hit-Monkey further. Either way, you’re going to have an explosive final turn. Just watch out for decks that may run Sandman; if that’s the case, play your massive hand out on turn 5.

Currently, one of the most underrated archetypes is Zoo, which looks to flood the board with an army of small, low-cost cards before buffing them up exponentially with the likes of Blue Marvel. Combined with Sasquatch, this may easily make for one of the best decks in Marvel Snap:

  • Ant-Man
  • Nico Minoru
  • Squirrel Girl
  • Dazzler
  • White Widow
  • Mysterio
  • Debrii
  • Ka-Zar
  • Cull Obsidian
  • Blue Marvel
  • Mockingbird
  • Sasquatch

The goal with Sasquatch is to play Mysterio on turn 2 in order to drop him for 3 energy on turn 3. With some 1 cost cards on the board, you can also slam Cull Obsidian the next turn, before dropping a Blue Marvel. On the final turn, filling the remaining empty slots on your side of the board will certainly net you some surprise wins. This list also features a small clutter package with White Widow and Debrii that can catch opponents off guard; Debrii herself discounts Mockingbird and enables Cull Obsidian to be played. If you’re running into a lot of destroy lists or Shang-Chi with this deck, consider swapping in an Armor for White Widow.

Sasquatch Counters in Marvel Snap

Unfortunately, Sasquatch gets countered by a few common tech cards, chief among them Mobius M. Mobius. However, if you’re far enough ahead, dropping a 10 power card on the final turn isn’t the absolutely worst play. You do have to watch out for Shang-Chi with Sasquatch as well, though it may be difficult for your opponent to predict where you’ll play him if you wait for the final turn. Lastly, Sandman counters Sasquatch as it limits the amount of cards you can play on the final turn; as a result, Sasquatch’s cost discount is negated.

Who Is Sasquatch?

Sasquatch is also known as Walter Langkowski. A talented football player and academic, Langkowski became interested in gamma radiation research after meeting Bruce Banner. He would later become a professor at McGill University (Canada represent!). Eventually, he exposed himself to gamma radiation in an effort to gain powers like the Hulk’s, yet instead opened a portal to another realm where the Great Beast Tanaraq bequeathed Langkowski its monstrous form.

Langkowski believed it was the gamma radiation that gave him his powers (early on this was the case but it was later retconned). He would join up with Alpha Flight, a team of Canadian superheroes.

Is Sasquatch Worth Your Spotlight Keys or Collector’s Tokens?

Much like Mockingbird and She-Hulk before him, Sasquatch is definitely worth spending resources on. As cost-discounts are incredibly powerful in Marvel Snap, expect to see a lot of experimentation with Sasquatch and for him to become a staple in meta-standard decks. That said, people will also be countering him with the likes of Mobius M. Mobius shortly after release; so if you pick up Sasquatch, you may have to wait a little bit for the hype to die down before trying to climb ranks or clear Infinity Conquest with him.

Marvel Snap is available now.

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