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Best Silver Wolf Team Comps in Honkai: Star Rail

With the addition of Silver Wolf in the 1.1 update to Honkai: Star Rail, you can now build entirely new types of team comps called mono teams. Silver Wolf’s ability to apply elemental weaknesses of the same type as your team means you can run a full team of one element (minus Silver Wolf’s element) to incredible effect to make any enemy weak to your team most of the time, even bosses. First, though, make sure to check out our guide to building Silver Wolf to make the most of her on her own.

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Here Are The Best Teams to Try With Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail

Silver Wolf Mono Fire Comp

Fire Trailblazer – Silver Wolf – Asta – Himeko

Silver Wolf Mono Fire - Best Silver Wolf Team Comps in Honkai: Star RailThis is the weakest of the comps on this list purely because it lacks healing and Fire Trailblazer’s shielding isn’t much. That being said, it’s still a powerful and fun new team comp, empowered by Silver Wolf’s skill to inflict elemental weaknesses. With this comp, you’ll be inflicting Fire weakness most of the time, and that will be guaranteed if an enemy is already weak to Quantum.

The synergy here is pretty awesome. Fire Trailblazer will shield and taunt, while Silver Wolf applies Fire weakness, as well as slowing enemies and shredding their defenses and resistances. Asta will buff the team and increase their speed, and Himeko is excellent at breaking enemy shields and dealing tons of damage with her follow-up attacks, which will occur very often in this team.

Silver Wolf Mono Ice Comp

Gepard – Silver Wolf – Pela – Yanqing

This is a very strong team with incredible synergy. Pela and Silver Wolf both shred enemy defenses, and these effects stack making it feel like your enemies brought a ballistic vest to a rocket launcher fight. With the right Light Cones and all of their abilities applied, you can shred up to 96% of enemy defenses, which is absolutely insane. It then throws the door wide open for Yanqing, who already has very high damage output, to deal devastating damage.

With Gepard as the sole defender of your team, you’ll want to ensure he has a high Energy Regeneration Rate stat so that he can use his ultimate often to keep the team shielded. If not, you’ll have trouble keeping everyone healthy and protected. Yanqing relies on not being interrupted to get his full damage output, so the shielding will help with that, plus Pela’s ultimate is effective at freezing, which will help to mitigate damage as well. If you have the characters for this team comp, you should definitely try it out!

Silver Wolf Mono Lightning Comp

Bailu – Silver Wolf – Tingyun – Jing Yuan

This is another incredible team. Although it lacks a shielder, a well-built Bailu should provide enough healing to keep it together. This team revolves around Jing Yuan and maximizing the damage his Lightning Lord can deal. With Tingyun’s buffs on Jing Yuan and Silver Wolf shredding enemy defenses and applying Lightning weakness, Jing Yuan is able to totally wipe the floor with anything you’re up against. 

Silver Wolf Mono Physical Comp

Clara – Silver Wolf – Natasha – Sushang 

Mono Physical is another awesome team comp. To begin, Clara is incredibly strong. Add in the defense shred and Physical weakness Silver Wolf can apply, and Clara can reach a whole other tier. Natasha is a strong healer when built well and should be able to keep the team alive even without a dedicated shielder. She also loves to break weaknesses with her basic attacks, and Silver Wolf will give her plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Sushang isn’t the strongest character, but she’s the only other Physical option until Luka is released in an upcoming patch. Once available, he’ll likely be the better choice to take over Sushang’s role in this team.

That covers the best new team comps to try out with Silver Wolf in Honkai: Star Rail. Let me know in the comments if you give any of these teams a try and how you went with them! And if you need more help building characters or teams, make sure to look through our other coverage

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