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Best Skills To Unlock Early in Stellar Blade

Eve is a skillful warrior in Stellar Blade, and she only gets more powerful as you unlock her combat skills. However, some are clearly better than others when you’re beginning your exploration of Eidos 7. Here are the best skills to unlock early in Stellar Blade.

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Best Early Skills To Get in Stellar Blade


Ambush is a stealth-based skill that lets you execute enemies from behind, provided they’re not engaged in combat. This skill is mandatory if you intend to farm Naytiba in the wastelands or easily reduce the number of enemies in certain areas. At first, I didn’t really care about unlocking Ambush. But once I started using it, I couldn’t deny that it made a huge difference.

Beta Energy Recharge

Beta Energy Recharge - One of the Best Skills in Stellar Blade
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Beta Energy Recharge is by far one of the best early skills in Stellar Blade. It increases the amount of Beta Energy you gain from landing attacks. This is crucial because it allows you to use Eve’s abilities more frequently. With more Beta Energy, you can maintain offensive pressure or have defensive options ready.

Focus Boost

Focus Boost is another one of the best skills in Stellar Blade by a long shot. Focus Boost extends the window for executing a Perfect Parry, giving you more leeway to counter enemy attacks successfully. This is a must-have skill to get early on, especially since it helps you safely parry sequences of attacks and deal tons of damage with Eve’s Retribution attack. Not only does Focus Boost help you avoid taking damage, but it also sets up counterattack opportunities.


Counter Skill in Stellar Blade
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Speaking of parries, Counter is a skill that becomes available after a Perfect Parry. When you do it correctly, Eve will move behind her target and deliver a stunning blow. You can later unlock a more powerful version of this skill that deals even more damage and makes some enemies crumple.

Reflex Boost

If dodging is more your style, Reflex Boost should be in your arsenal from the get-go. It makes the Perfect Dodge easier to execute, allowing you to avoid incoming attacks with grace and counterattack while your enemies are off-balance.

Blink is possibly the the best Skill in Stellar Blade
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Blink makes it very easy to dodge certain attacks by spending some Beta Energy. Not only will Eve dodge the attack, but she will also teleport behind the enemy and strike them with a powerful, wide slash. The most important thing about Blink is that Eve’s sword will glow when the enemy is about to use their fatal attack, thus making you aware of the right time to perform the dodge.


Repulse is similar to Blink but provides an alternative by pushing the enemy away and stepping back, which can be invaluable when you need breathing space. It increases your ranged Attack Power temporarily and can reveal weaknesses in certain enemies.

Threat Detection

Lastly, Threat Detection enhances your ability to use Blink and Repulse by making it easier to activate these lifesaving skills. This is a great skill to get as soon as you can, as taking advantage of Blink’s dodge and Repulse’s push can make even the hardest fights survivable.

If you’re looking for more, read our review of Stellar Blade. The game is out now.

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