Best Strategy for Simulated Universe World 4 in Honkai: Star Rail

Simulated Universes are some of the most challenging encounters in Honkai: Star Rail. There are currently 6 Worlds to battle through, and you can find out more about the mode here. In this guide, I’ll be focusing on World 4 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail and the best strategy to get you through it successfully.

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The Best Way to Consistently Beat World 4 of the Simulated Universe

First, if you’ve not yet beaten World 3, we have a guide to tackling that world here. For World 4, the first thing to consider is team composition. This World features a variety of enemies but is Robot heavy, with an Elite boss and Svarog being the most difficult battles. Lightning is an excellent elemental pick, but fire or wind element users will also perform well.

You’ll want to ideally have one main damage dealer like Jing Yuan, Dan Heng, Seele, Yanching, Hook, or Himeko. Then you’ll need a support for buffing or debuffing. Bronya or Tingyun are best, followed by Pela and Asta as alternatives. For the third slot you’ll want a shielder. Gepard is best, but if you don’t have him the Fire Trailblazer is an excellent choice. March 7th can also work, but she’s not ideal. Lastly I’d recommend you take a healer. Bailu is best, and Natasha is the other option.

Make sure you have each character and their Light Cones leveled as high as possible at your current stage of the game. Check they also have appropriate Relics equipped and you’ve got as many Traces leveled up on them as possible. Now you’re prepared to take on World 4. Add in your team and get started. 

For the Path, I’ve found The Hunt to be effective and reliable for this World 4, so that’s what we’ll be taking. For your starting Blessing of Trailblaze, take the 1-2 Star Blessing and choose a Hunt Blessing if possible. If none are available and you have the required skill unlocked in the Simulated Universe skill tree, try to re-roll. The goal throughout this run is to get as many Blessings of the Hunt as quickly as possible to get the Resonance and the two Resonance Formations active.

Battle every enemy that you encounter and take every Domain — Combat portal at the end of each level. This will ensure you have the most opportunities to get Hunt Blessings. At 3 Hunt Blessings, you get the Resonance. This is an incredibly strong resonance, dealing more damage the higher the attack of your main damage dealer is. At 6 Hunt Blessings you’ll get your first Resonance Formation choice, and I’d recommend taking Resonance Formation: Bow and Arrow first.The Resonance Formations available in World 4 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail

A second Resonance Formation is unlocked once you have 10 Blessings of the Hunt. Both options are good but I’d recommend taking the Resonance Formation: Perfect Aim as it will allow you to put out a ton of extra damage.

When you come across Herta interactions that offer you Blessings, Curios, or Upgrades, you should take the Blessing if you haven’t yet obtained your second Resonance Formation. Once you have, feel free to take either the Curios and Upgrades. Both are effective. Keep an eye out also for little pig enemies that can appear during your runs. These Trotters of Preservation are great sources of extra Blessings if you can take them down before they run away.

World 4 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail - Fighting Piggies

By the time you get your second Resonance Formation, you’ll be about to face Svarog as the final boss of the World. You’ll have one last chance to upgrade your Blessings, so do it if you can pay for an upgrade.

How To Beat The World’s Final Boss, Svarog

Svarog is a very straightforward battle. Focus on taking out the additional summons quickly, then Svarog. The second phase is much the same, but he has stronger minions this time around. Don’t forget to use your Path of Resonance skill every time it comes off cooldown to deal tons of damage. It’s especially effective when he has minions around. The final phase is the toughest: he’ll summon a giant robot hand that can capture one of your team members and deal a ton of damage to them until you break the hand’s shield or take it out. 

If you can deal enough AOE damage to take down the hand and Svarog at the same time, that’s ideal. Otherwise, focus on taking out the hand or risk losing a teammate pretty quickly. Svarog can summon an additional hand as well, so be wary of that. Using the Path of Resonance when it’s available and he has someone captured in the hand is a great way to help burst it down quickly. With all your Hunt Blessings alongside the buffed up Resonance, you should be dealing a lot of damage. Unless you get really unlucky you’ll almost certainly win this fight and get to collect your rewards!

That’s all there is to the best strategy to beat World 4 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. Hopefully following this guide will help you to kick Svarog’s ass and get your sweet loot just like it did for me!

And if you’re looking for more tips or advice on making it through the game, make sure to take a look through our archives.

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