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Best Strategy to Beat Simulated Universe World 3 in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Strategy to Beat Simulated Universe World 3 in Honkai: Star Rail

World 3 of the Simulated Universe is one of the first major challenges you will come up against in Honkai: Star Rail, but if you’re having trouble in trying to beat it, I have the solution. And it’s worth trying because these worlds offer some of the game’s best rewards!

Things to Keep in Mind When Tackling World 3 of the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail

World 3 is where you really start to get into the full Simulated Universe experience, with more paths to choose from for Blessings and new reward type, Curios. Curios are powerful effects that you can pick up throughout a Simulated World. Due to how strong they are and the 30 Stellar Jade you obtain for each one you try out, it’s well worth choosing to receive a Curio every time you’re presented with the option between them or Blessings.

Your team composition should include one shielder and one healer. For the other two slots you can either have two damage dealers or one damage dealer and one buffer/debuffer. This will give you the much-needed balance of damage and defense needed to make it through this World.

The next thing to consider is the best path to maximize the potential of your Blessings. For World 3, I highly recommend choosing The Destruction as your path and select to receive the Curio at the start. Make sure to fight every enemy that you see and choose a Destruction Blessing as your reward each time you defeat one. If that’s not an option, select a Blessing that either increases your damage or provides defenses such as shielding if possible.

As you reach the choice of having to go through a portal, always take the Domain — Combat portal so that you have more enemies to defeat and can keep stockpiling Destruction Blessings before the Elite and Boss encounters. 

Setting Yourself Up For Success Against Elites

Part way through the world you will receive your Path of Destruction Resonance. This will be a major boost in battles. Before you enter combat with the first Elite, make sure to use a character’s out-of-combat abilities and preferably strike with a character that has an elemental advantage to enter battle on the strongest foot possible.

After beating the Elite enemies, don’t forget to claim the immersion rewards if you have the 40 Trailblaze power to spare on them as they award relics, experience, and credits. In the Domain of Respite, you can use the Downloader to add extra characters to your party that you can then swap in and out of the team as needed. It also means that you have a back-up if one character dies. For your rewards from Herta, choose to receive a Curio.

Further into the World, after stacking enough Destruction Blessings, you’ll be offered a Resonance Formation. The best one for the first pick is Cataclysmic Variable which converts character HP into giant shields and also increases the Resonance Damage. 

How to Beat The Final Boss, Gepard

For the final boss fight, you’ll be squaring off against Gepard. The key is to first take out his soldiers to expose him and prevent him from buffing and shielding them. Once his minions are down, simply beat his ass until you reach the second phase. 

This phase is much the same as the first, with the main difference being that, after you deal enough damage, Gepard will deploy a shield across himself and any remaining soldiers, removing any elemental weaknesses and preventing damage until the shield is broken. On the plus side, any enemy you attack will contribute towards breaking the shield. On breaking, it will cause a bunch of damage and you’ll be able to continue the fight as normal.

Sometimes Gepard will activate an ability that allows him to counter after being attacked. Assuming you have a healer, ignore this ability and continue attacking him as much as you’re able. 

The third phase sees Gepard bringing out two Silvermane Lieutenants, and it’s definitely the most challenging part. Use your Resonance to deal damage to them whenever it’s up and focus on taking down one Lieutenant at a time to minimize incoming damage. Gepard will repeat the shielding buff, so burn it down as quickly as you can and finish off any remaining Lieutenants before finally taking Gepard down.

Best Strategy to Beat Simulated Universe World 3 in Honkai: Star Rail - Gepard in the shield phaseThat covers it for the best strategy to beat World 3 in the Simulated Universe in Honkai: Star Rail. Follow this and you’ll be crushing Gepard and reaping your rewards from this World in no time! For more tips on making the most of your time in the game, make sure you’re collecting your daily free rewards and completing trials. And check out our full set of guides for everything from character builds to team comps.

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