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How To Complete Trials To Earn Rewards in Honkai Star Rail


When you’re playing a game with gacha elements like Honkai: Star Rail, you’ll want to take advantage of the freebies that are thrown your way. Doing so gives you the best chance at getting characters and items without breaking the bank. To that end, one of the systems in Honkai: Star Rail that offers free, easy rewards are the character trials.

Here’s How to Access Character Trials for Easy Rewards in Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail shares a lot of systems with Genshin Impact, which means you’ll know what these trials are if you’re familiar with the earlier game. Every three weeks or so, there will be a new set of Banners that introduce new characters to Warp for or previous Banner characters back for another chance. 

These include the main 5-star character, as well as three 4-star characters that all have a 50% drop rate when Warping on the limited character Banner and receiving a reward at that star rating.

Whenever the event is on, character trials give you a chance to play through a battle with the featured characters. This mechanic lets you see if you’d want to try to get them using your hard-earned Special Star Rail Passes and Stellar Jade. 

However, these trials come with a fun bonus. When you try out characters each time there is a new Banner on, you get a bunch of free rewards.

In Honkai: Star Rail, you access character trials from the in-game menu. Simply open the menu and choose the Travel Log. From here, claim your daily check-in if you haven’t already! Then click on the Aptitude Showcase tab below. 

How to complete trials for easy rewards in Honkai: Star Rail - Travel Log Menu

You’ll see the currently featured 5- and 4-star characters and can play through a trial for each of them to earn the rewards outlined above the start Trial button. Rewards include Stellar Jade, which you can use to buy Rail Passes to Warp with, EXP-increasing items, items to improve your Traces with, and credits that are used across all leveling aspects.

Keep an eye out for each time a new Banner goes live. You’ll see on the Aptitude Showcase page how long the current Banner characters will be around for. Once that timer runs out, a new set of characters will appear for you try out and get a fresh set of rewards.

That covers it for how the character trials work in Honkai: Star Rail and how you can get rewards with each new character Banner. Keep stacking those rewards, and hopefully you’ll have luck with your pulls if you’re going after the characters you trialed!

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