Screenshot of the Silver Pool in Hades 2 with all weapons unlocked and Weapon Aspects applied
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Best Weapon Aspects in Hades 2

Once you unlock all the weapons in Hades 2, use these Weapon Aspects to make them stronger

Choosing the right weapon is key to a successful run in Hades 2, and there are plenty up for grabs. Once you’ve unlocked all the weapons, you can upgrade them using Weapon Aspects, and we’ve broken down the best weapon aspects in Hades 2.

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What Are Weapon Aspects in Hades 2?

Weapon Aspects Dialogue Hades 2
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Weapon Aspects are permanent upgrades that make each weapon in your arsenal more powerful by adding various effects.

Once you’ve unlocked all weapons in Hades 2, you’ll gain access to an incantation called Aspects of Night and Darkness. This spell, which requires 5 Bronze and 1 Nightshade, allows you to make the Nocturnal Arms even more powerful using Weapon Aspects.

Screenshot showing the incantations list in Hades 2, with the Aspects of Night and Darkness spell highlighted
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Each Aspect is named after a figure from Greek Mythology, many of whom you’ve met on your journey. There are three options for each of the Nocturnal Arms, and every Weapon Aspect can be leveled up to a maximum Level 5. The Aspect of Melinoe is automatically unlocked when you gain access to Weapon Aspects, but the others will cost resources to acquire.

The Best Weapon Aspect for Every Weapon in Hades 2

List of Weapon Aspect Upgrades in Hades 2
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Your preferred Weapon Aspect will vary depending on which of the Nocturnal Arms you favor in Hades 2. You can eventually unlock every Aspect of each weapon, but resources are precious, and you’ll need to prioritize. To make the choice easier, we’re listing out the most powerful Weapon Aspect for each option in the game.

Best Weapon Aspect for the Witch’s Staff

I prefer the Aspect of Momus for the Witch’s Staff. This Aspect gives you the ability to absorb your Omega attack in order to heal +5 HP and also makes your Special and Omega attacks 10% stronger. The benefits increase as you level up the Aspect, making your Witch’s Staff even more powerful.

Healing is hard to come by during your dungeon runs, so the ability to channel your Omega Blast and heal HP can really come in handy. For me, the Serenity effect of the Aspect of Circe just wasn’t as noticeable.

Best Weapon Aspect for the Sister Blades

Honestly, the basic Aspect of Melinoe is a great upgrade for these weapons. It lets you deal more damage when striking enemies from behind, which is incredibly helpful against bosses like Cerberus.

Many players consider the Sister Blades the most powerful weapon in the game thus far, so it’s no surprise that a relatively basic Weapon Aspect upgrade can give them the extra oomph you need.

Best Weapon Aspect for the Moonstone Axe

As the slowest weapon, the Moonstone Axe can be tricky, but the powerful increase granted by the Aspect of Charon can help.

This Weapon Aspect grants you an additional 3 seconds for your cast and will cause it to erupt and do damage. Importantly, this Aspect also upgrades the size of your cleave cast and increases damage by 10%.

Best Weapon Aspect for the Umbral Flames

The Aspect of Eos makes the Umbral Flames a truly powerful weapon to contend with. This Weapon Aspect increases the size and power of your attacks with up to 40% more damage. As you level up this Aspect, the benefits only increase.

It’s a tough one to unlock, requiring a Golden Apple to defeat the formidable Guardian of the Rift of Thessaly, but it’s well worth it.

Best Weapon Aspect for the Argent Skull

If you like to wield the Argent Skull as your weapon of choice, the Aspect of Medea is a solid upgrade to choose from.

This Weapon Aspect causes your attacks to explode in a large area upon impact with foes and increases your attack and special damage by 20%. Like all Aspects, the damage increases as you level it up.

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