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Best Welt Build in Honkai: Star Rail

Best Welt Build in Honkai: Star Rail

If you were lucky enough to pull the father figure of the Astral Express, Welt, in Honkai: Star Rail, then you’ll want to know how to best build him out. He’s a powerful character, so getting his stats right means he can contribute in a big way as you tackle difficult content.

The Best Way to Build Welt in Honkai: Star Rail

Welt is (so far) the only character in Honkai: Star Rail that uses the Imaginary damage typing. This makes him invaluable as there are plenty of enemies with a weakness to Imaginary damage. He’s also one of two characters in the game who specialize in debuffing enemies, with his abilities allowing him to slow and disable. He’s versatile though, so make sure to check out our guide for the best team comps to use him in.

He can output a ton of damage, so we want to build him in a way that makes the most of his damage potential while still bringing his debuffing kit to the table.


The best Relic set for Welt is the Wastelander of Banditry Desert set because the bonuses are amazing for Welt’s damage output. It increases his Imaginary damage by 10%, as well as boosting crit chance and crit damage against enemies affected by his Imprisonment status. This ensures that Welt will be dealing the most damage possible to targets he’s actively disabled, which suits him best. 

For your Simulated Universe Relics, the Celestial Differentiator set is an excellent choice, dealing more crit damage and a big boost to crit chance when Welt attacks, as long as his crit damage is high enough.

For substats we’ll want to make sure that Welt can trigger the set bonus mentioned above. Trying to get a couple of Relic pieces with crit damage as the implicit stat on the Relic will be hugely beneficial for when you trigger the crit chance bonus. Other great stats and substats to keep an eye out for are anything to improve damage including crit chance, attack, Imaginary damage, and speed.

Light Cones

For those who have pulled Welt’s 5-star Light Cone, called In The Name of the World, it’s a no-brainer. This is without a doubt the best in-slot for Welt. With a high percent damage bonus against debuffed enemies and a percent increased attack stat, you’ll be hitting some big numbers with Welt.

For those of us who don’t have Welt’s 5-star Light Cone, the next best thing is the 4-star We Will Meet Again. This Light Cone offers a fantastic damage boost for Welt, allowing a percentage of Welt’s attack value to be dealt to a random enemy when they are hit by an ability, which results in a ton of free damage output from Welt.

That covers the best way to build Welt in Honkai: Star Rail, with the right setup, your Welt will be hitting like an absolute truck while also causing havoc amongst enemy ranks with his unique debuffing kit!  

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