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Best Wonder Weapons in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ), Ranked from Worst to Best

Wonder Weapons have always been a major part of Call Of Duty Zombies. Modern Warfare 3 is no different. In Modern Warfare Zombies, Treyarch introduces schematics and weapons cases. With these inclusions, players can use Wonder Weapons more than ever before. Ranked from worst to best, here’s which Wonder Weapons players should use in MWZ.

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4. VR-11

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Modern Warfare Zombies VR-11 Wonder Weapon

Coming in at last place is the VR-11. First introduced in the original Black Ops, this is still the strangest Wonder Weapon here in Modern Warfare Zombies. I think of the VR-11 as more of a tool than a weapon. Rather than killing zombies, it turns them into friendly human AI which will help shoot enemies for a short time. The inverse is also true. Human AI in Mercenary Camps and Strongholds will turn into zombies that will attack other enemies. The more you Pack-a-Punch the VR-11, the more friendly AI you can have at a time. This can be a god-send for solo players, especially in boss fights.

This Wonder Weapon also has other interesting uses. If you shoot it at teammates, it will briefly buff the damage they do. It can also refuel and repair vehicles, which is especially helpful during escort objectives. The biggest downside to this Wonder Weapon is its lack of damage output. The VR-11 can not turn special enemies like Mimics and Manglers friendly. Instead, it deals a pathetic amount of damage to their health.

3. The Scorcher

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies, MWZ, Scorcher Wonder Weapon

This is the only Wonder Weapon which is exclusively designed for Modern Warfare Zombies. Its lethality makes it superior to the VR-11. The Scorcher was extremely weak at first, but has thankfully been buffed since launch. Now, this Wonder Weapon can live up to its name. Holding down the trigger charges up the gun for more powerful shots. The Scorcher is capable of killing several enemies at once with a fully charged shot. However, it still underwhelms against special zombies and bosses.

The weapon has no aim down sights, so holding the left trigger will charge up the weapon and launch players high into the air. From there, I like to pull my parachute and glide around the map. This can also be used to get to the rooftops of high-rise buildings, like those found in the Downtown area. This Wonder Weapon speeds up traversal in Urziskstan, which is a great feature to have in Call Of Duty Zombies‘ biggest map to date.

2. Ray Gun

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies, Ray Gun Wonder Weapon

The appearance of a Ray Gun in a Call Of Duty Zombies map is almost a guarantee. This rendition of the classic wonder weapon is closer to its Black Ops: Cold War version than any other. As such, the Ray Gun does massive damage in Modern Warfare Zombies. When Pack-a-Punched, the Ray Gun is viable in MWZ’s toughest areas.

Especially in combination with PHD Flopper, which negates all self-inflicted explosive damage, the Ray Gun can be an absolute life saver. Not to mention, it shatters armor fast and does great against special zombies like Mimics and Manglers.

1. Wunderwaffe DG-2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Zombies, Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon

The best Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare Zombies is the Wunderwaffe DG-2. This is my all time favorite wonder weapon in Call Of Duty, so having it back is such a welcome surprise. The DG-2 shoots a burst of lightening that chains to zombies and electrocutes them. As such, this is by far the best weapon crowd control weapon in the game.

The DG-2 is the kind of wonder weapon that can save your life several times in a game. Whenever I feel overwhelmed with the cluster of zombies in front of me, a few bolts from this Wonder Weapon clears them out. Plus, the gun does massive damage to Special Zombies and Bosses. When you upgrade the gun, this damage increases even further. Pack-a-Punching the DG-2 also doubles the ammo it has in the magazine and reserve. Combined with the frequent ammo drops in MWZ, you can almost guarantee the best Wonder Weapon in Modern Warfare Zombies will never run out of ammo.

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