Betrayer Goes Live on Steam Early Access


Betrayer, the monochromatic 17th century action-adventure game, is available now to stalwart gamers willing to brave the perils of an alpha release.

Betrayer, “an eerie and atmospheric first-person action-adventure game” set in a haunted English colony in 17th century Virginia, was announced to the world last week. This week, you can actually play it – as long as you don’t mind putting up with a limited feature set and a thousand or so bugs and glitches.

Betrayer turned up on Steam Early Access today, where it can be purchased at a ten percent discount on its regular price – $13.49 instead of $14.99. It’s only enough to allow you to “scratch the surface of the story,” as the development team put it, but if you’re sufficiently intrigued it at least gets you in the door.

With caveats, of course. “The initial Early Access release features an introductory area and one large region to explore. Most of the weapon categories are represented, including shortbows, longbows, crossbows, muskets, pistols, and the throwing axe,” Blackpowder Games wrote on the Betrayer Steam page. “As this is an alpha product, the content is still a work in progress and there are likely to be bugs and unfinished assets.”

The team says that new areas, weapons, enemies and more will be opened up over the coming days and weeks, and it’s looking for feedback from players “to refine existing gameplay and prioritize upcoming features and fixes.” Those who want to just play the game without all that horsing around may do so as well, although the developers warned that because some updates may require a restart, anyone in that boat should turn off automatic updates and manually update at their convenience instead.

The Betrayer early access promotion is live now and runs until August 21.

Source: Steam

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