Beyond the Purple Curtain: Voice Acting in Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell


What a coincidence! My favorite part about murdering is the murdering part, too!

Saints Row IV certainly made an impression on us back in 2013, and it’s likely due for a double dose of love upon its new-gen re-release next month (as Saints Row IV: Re-Elected).

But those who want a new opportunity to see the weirdest, funniest shit in video games challenge have a standalone expansion to look forward to, too, as Saint’s Row IV: Gat Out of Hell is being released on the same day (January 20th).

The video up top is a behind the scenes look at the voice acting in Gat Out of Hell, featuring the talent behind Johnny Gat (Daniel Dae Kim), Kinzie (Natalie Lander), Jane Austen (Eden Riegel), Blackbeard (Matt Mercer), and Dee Bradley Baker (voice of the demons).

Along with the nuances of voice-acting, the most interesting aspect of the video is seeing just how little the actors see of Gat Out of Hell before putting voice to hard drive. Returning actors like Kim have it easier, sure, but newcomers who aren’t as familiar with the franchise lean heavy on direction and improvisation.

Did you enjoy Saints Row IV the first time around? Are you planning on taking the chaotic plunge come January 20th? Let us know on the forums.

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