In additional Torchwood casting news, Bill Pullman will be playing a convicted murderer.

Earlier this week, Mekhi Phifer joined the Torchwood team, and it looks like the Doctor Who spin-off isn’t done with casting announcements yet. Bill Pullman (Independence Day, Lake Placid) will be joining the upcoming fourth season as a series regular.

Pullman is set to play Oswald Jones, a murderer sentenced to life in prison who winds up getting out on a technicality and, upon his release, becomes a media sensation. Deadline provides some personality in their description, calling Jones, “dangerously clever,” and “genuinely repentant yet boiling with lust and rage.”

Pullman’s previous television experience is more limited than his film experience, and includes the mini-series Revelations and guest spots on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, Night Visions, and Fallen Angels. In season four of Torchwood, airing on Starz and BBC One in the summer of 2011, Pullman joins Phifer (Rex Matheson), John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) and Eve Myles (Gwen Cooper).

Source: Deadline

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