The shooter sequel and its DLC are now available without Games For Windows.

BioShock 2 remains the most divided game of the franchise. Some praise its improved gameplay while other decry the lack of originality. However, the one thing that everyone can agree on is that Games For Windows sucks. Coincidentally, it’s also dead. That’s good for gamers, but bad for the games that used it. BioShock 2 was one of those games, and the collapse of the GFW Marketplace rendered addon packs like Minerva’s Den unplayable. Thankfully, 2K Games is re-releasing it and all of its DLC into the comfortable confines of Steam.

The re-release version is complete with the Protector Trials pack and all the multiplayer DLC, with the Minerva’s Den pack an extra $9.99. Digital Extremes has done some work on the multiplayer, as well. You can now search matchmaking for “any game”, instead of browsing each game mode, and you’ll level faster, too.

It’s a full Steam release, complete with achievements and Big Picture controller support. If it sparks your interest, it’s also on sale for $10 until October 7th. If you’re clutching your collectors edition box while stroking the pewter figurine, you can still partake, as you can register your activation key in Steam and nab a free copy.

Source: 2K Games

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