BioShock 2 Launch Trailer Is First-Person Awesome


If you aren’t psyched for next week’s BioShock 2, this 3-minute launch trailer may just get you to schlep on down to GameStop for the midnight release.

BioShock 2 is out next week on February 9th, and it seems like 2K Games is pulling no punches in getting word out to the masses. Last night, 2K bought out the entire first advertising block on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to show off the three-minute-fifteen-seconds launch trailer you see above. While that’s no $3 million Super Bowl spot, it probably cost a pretty penny – and hey, one could argue that it’s more effective at selling the game to viewers, because it looks freakin’ awesome.

With the exception of the first part of the trailer, it’s mostly from a first-person perspective, and shows an idealized representation of the title’s gameplay – that is, it’s not what the actual game looks like in motion, but the principles are the same. Maybe some might see it as underhanded, but I think it just looks really, really cool. It’s an excellently put-together trailer that may just get you excited to return to Rapture.

Oh, and in case you really, really can’t wait a second longer than you have to, GameStop and Best Buy will be holding midnight launch parties the night of the 9th. So you’ll be able to be first in line to pick up your $100 BioShock 2 Special Edition. No word on if they’ll have any of those super-limited Uber Editions, though.

(Via Joystiq)

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