If BioShock had a special edition, you know BioShock 2 had to follow suit.

BioShock 2 is the latest game to show off what it’ll be putting in a giant box for a premium price, with 2k Games recently announcing its special edition. Knowing that videogame collector’s editions can pay off in spades, I am seriously surprised at this point when a high-profile game actually doesn’t offer one.

The BioShock 2 special edition will come in a 13” x 13” box, which from the picture provided also appears to have a creepy Silence of the Lambs butterfly on it, and will retail for $99.99 on the Xbox 360/PS3 and $89.99 for the PC. For the $40 premium, purchasers will acquire a vinyl 180g LP (yes, a record) that has the original BioShock score on it, a CD with BioShock 2‘s soundtrack, a big-ass 164 page 8″x11″ art book, three rolled posters featuring vintage ads that you’d find inside Rapture (BioShock’s underwater city), and even a copy of BioShock 2.

Posters are often sorely lacking from special editions, and I would be proud to put vintage ads from Rapture on my walls. The vinyl soundtrack of BioShock is a creative idea too. $40 is a pretty big price hike though, so 2k Games may be pricing it a bit out of the general public’s special edition price range, or at least out of mine.

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