BioShock Creator Not Ruling out a Return to Rapture


Irrational’s Ken Levine says that the BioShock series could head beneath the waves again, as long as the concept was solid.

Levine may have made a point of saying that BioShock was about more than just objectivist underwater cities and genetic experimentation run wild, but that’s not to say that Irrational is totally finished with Rapture. Fans of what is possibly the most unique videogame setting in years will be pleased to learn that as long as it had the right idea, Irrational would make a BioShock 3.

Levine said that leaving Rapture behind had been very difficult for him, as he had a great deal of attachment to the setting. As hard as it might have been however, he thought that he had said everything he needed to in that space for now. He didn’t rule out a return in the future though: “[N]ever say never,” he said. “Yeah. I mean, life’s a long time. But I’d HAVE to have an idea that drove that. I’d have to spring from the idea.”

While a return to Rapture someday sounds good in theory, a big part of the setting’s appeal was how fresh it was, and that’s something that you can’t ever get back. It’s a pretty safe bet that if Irrational did ever make another game in Rapture, it would be pretty special, but taking that creativity and using it to make something new sounds much more appealing than revisiting something old.

Source: CVG

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