Bioshock Infinite DLC Could Feature New Companion Characters


An artist’s LinkedIn profile hints at new companions that might take Elizabeth’s place in future DLC.

You could make an easy case for Elizabeth being the most iconic entity to come out of Bioshock: Infinite. While the game’s world was filled to the brim with stunning visuals, interesting characters, and unique enemies, it’s the blue-eyed girl in the corset that everyone seems to remember. Granted, a part of this is because she’s more than a tad central to the game’s complex story. That said, Irrational Games also just put a lot of effort into making her a likable and helpful partner.

That in mind, it’s somewhat surprising to learn that Irrational’s planned DLC, some of which may expand on the story of the main game, might be teaming you up with someone besides everyone’s favorite change tosser. According to the LinkedIn profile of Michael Shahan, a senior artist for 2K games, his recent work experience includes “providing animation for a new AI companion” for Bioshock Infinite. None of this is in any way a definite proclamation of things to come. That said, the fact that he has since removed this entry from his work history could suggest that he was, in fact, tipping Irrational’s hand before the developer was ready.

Without further information it would be unwise to make too many assumptions. That said, this further piques our interest in regards to what Irrational has in store for fans with its forthcoming DLC. While we would certainly love to see more of Elizabeth and Booker, it could be interesting to see the world of Columbia through, and with, new characters with different abilities and connections to Comstock’s city in the sky.

Source: Eurogamer

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