BioShock Marriage Proposal Sends Happy Couple to Rapture

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Justin Starnes used BioShock-themed box art to find out if his girlfriend would “kindly” marry him.

If there’s one thing that gamers seem to be frequently and consistently better at than everyone else, it’s proposing marriage. Sure, I suppose that opinion comes into play a bit there, but there are just too many examples of clever gaming fans using their skills and hobby as the foundation of proposals that you just can’t help but smile at. For instance, just take Justin Starnes recent bid at betrothal.

Starnes, who met his girlfriend Stevie Kopas while working at a GameStop, recently fashioned custom BioShock box art aimed at asking her to marry him. Bringing the box home, he presented it to her as a new entry in the series called “New Beginnings.” When she opened the box up to check it out she instead found controller instructions filled with references to their life together and an insert reading “Would you kindly marry me?”

According to Kopas, even the use of BioShock art was a reference to how their relationship began. “3 and a half years ago we met while he was working in GameStop,” explained Kopas. “I was nervous and even though I already owned a copy of BioShock, I bought another copy just so I had an excuse to go in and talk to him again.”

The game box also, of course, contained an engagement ring which Kopas now happily wears as Starnes’ fiancé. I don’t know about you, but I’d be hard pressed to call that anything other than a classy way to go about hitting the start button on a new marriage.

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