BioShock‘s Burial Trailer Goes To The Heart Of Cohen’s Madness


What’s her deal? I suppose you could say she’s in Debt Collection.

BioShock Infinite‘s Burial At Sea DLC is out now, and with it comes an atmospheric new launch trailer. Sander Cohen’s the man who knows, but do you really want to get that close to Cohen? People say he’s not entirely … stable. But you’ve got a shotgun, right? A couple Plasmids? You’ll be fine.

This one starts a little on the quiet side, with you – as Rapture’s version of Booker – delving into the backstory of all those lonely souls down deep on the ocean floor. But when things get hot – and they will – you’ll be glad Elizabeth can pull allies and gun turrets out of the aether, to give you a hand. It’s pretty short, but Ken Levine has tried to describe it as “quality over quantity;” whether or not you agree may well depend on how much you love wandering aimlessly through Rapture’s halls before getting down to business.

But hey, it’s New Year’s! Have some fun! After all, Fontaine’s gone, and Ryan assures us those pesky saboteurs and radicals aren’t a problem. What could possibly go wrong?

Source: Irrational YouTube

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