BioWare Details Lair of the Shadowbroker


Lair of the Shadowbroker, the new DLC for Mass Effect 2, will be released next month, adding new research, achievements and maybe even a chance to put the famous Shepard moves on the hottie biottie.

Rumors of Liara-centric DLC for Mass Effect 2 first bobbed to the surface back in April and were confirmed in July, when BioWare announced that Lair of the Shadowbroker would give players the chance to have not just one, but two blue-skinned sexpots living aboard the Normandy. That moment is now close at hand, as the studio revealed today that the new expansion is slated for release early next month.

Liara T’Soni is hot on the heels of the elusive Shadow Broker, determined to recover the man he kidnapped – and the Shadow Broker’s agents are just as determined to stop her, no matter what the cost. The new DLC will take players from the “luxurious heights of Illium to the Shadow Broker’s own secret lair” and will add the Shadow Broker intel center, new research options, five new achievements and “the chance to continue a relationship with Liara.”

I suppose it’s possible that “continuing a relationship” could simply refer to her return to the crew, but I think it’s safe to assume that there’s more of a “come upstairs to Chez Shepard” angle to it. Not that I’m being critical, of course. After all, I hooked up with a space chick who for all I know has a face like a jaundiced Predator.

For the record, I have no idea why “Shadowbroker” is one word in the DLC title and two words everywhere else, but that’s how it is. Lair of the Shadowbroker is scheduled to come out on September 7 at a cost of 800 Microsoft or BioWare Points.

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