BioWare Gives Away New Mass Effect Music


The new music in the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut is now available as a free download.

BioWare didn’t dick around when it came to making new content for the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut. On top of all the new cut scenes and dialog, the studio also had composer Sam Hulick create a selection of brand-new music for the update. And now they’re giving it away.

It’s not a huge amount of music, just 16 minutes spread out over seven tracks, and much of it is rather downbeat, but it’s still excellent and very distinctly Mass Effect. And it’s free! The only requirement is a BioWare Social Network account, which you already have if you’ve played Mass Effect 3 – and which can be created quickly and easily if somehow you don’t.

I haven’t yet played the Extended Cut, but when I hear this music I immediately “see” Mass Effect, which I think is a pretty powerful testament to its quality. The new music is up for grabs now at the BioWare Social Network, and you can also check out more of Hulick’s work, including a short four track album of unused Mass Effect music entitled B-Sides From Another Galaxy, at

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