Bioware won’t have anything to show from the new Mass Effect for “a while.”

While Bioware is still be fairly mum on what exactly the new Mass Effect will be about, the developer hasn’t been shy about telling gamers how good it will be. Back in July, for instance, cinematic director Ken Thain said that “fans will be really excited” when they play the game. Now, joining his praise, more voices from within the company have taken to Twitter to tell gamers how great the future game will be.

“Watching absolutely stunning work from [the Mass Effect] team,” Tweeted community manager Jessica Merizan. “Such a passionate, talented group of devs.” Aidan Scanlan, assistant director of design, expressed his own excitement over Twitter. “Just saw a early presentation for the next Mass Effect. Good thing you weren’t here because you would have Lost… Your… Shit!”

Bioware Montreal director Yanick Roy was also on hand to share in his colleagues’ enthusiasm. “The rest of BioWare finally got to get a first look at the next Mass Effect. Their reaction tells me we’re on the right track!” Even so, he also affirmed that “it probably will still be a while before [Bioware] show anything publicly.”

While there are probably plenty of people who would love to see whatever Bioware has to show off right now, it’s hard to blame the company for wanting to take things slow and put its best foot forward. Mass Effect 3 as a whole was an excellent game, but many still left the experience feeling burned on account of its controversial ending. It’s probably safe to assume Bioware wants to avoid a similar reaction with the next entry in the franchise. If that means the developers taking their time, then we say more power to them.

Source: GameSpot

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