BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Stats


A new infographic on Mass Effect 3’s online coop mode proves that most of us make boring choices and stink at the game.

A ton of people are filling their spare time with Mass Effect 3’s fun coop multiplayer mode, but just how much time is being filled, and who’s filling it? BioWare has revealed some preliminary data on the war thus far, proving that most players are soldiers who suck too hard to beat Gold.

The gaming collective has now reportedly hazarded the coop for a total of 1,800 Earth years, earning a total of 83,000,000,000 credits during that time, or about 1.5 credits/second. During those matches, only 2/3 of players made it through the extraction phase alive, and of those, less than 1% were on the Gold difficulty when they did. Regardless of the difficulty selected, a whopping 36% of all were played on Firebase White.

Most people entering the fray are human, with the most popular non-human race going to the somersault-abstaining Turian race at 6.43%. 18% of players tend to choose the ubiquitous Soldier class, while 17% go Vanguard, and 16% choose Infiltrator. 36% of those choose an assault rifle to bring into battle.

If you’ve spent much time with the multiplayer, these numbers shouldn’t surprise you. Firebase White was not only around during the beta, but based on enemy entry points, is also somewhat universally considered the easiest. As for the lack of people able to take down Gold? What great news. I guess all of us unable to get through it aren’t alone after all.

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