BioWare has revealed the latest of the playable classes in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and it’s the ultimate baddy of the Star Wars universe: the merciless Sith Warrior.

Described by BioWare as “an unstoppable force of darkness,” Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s Sith Warrior class should satisfy MMOG players with a penchant for the dark side of The Force. Armed with heavy armor and the ability to dual-wield lightsabers, the Sith Warrior sounds like a the type of class for players who want to just do a whole lot of damage and do it in the most merciless way possible.

The Sith Warrior uses “bold lightsaber tactics and surprising bursts of Force power” to “force their foes to stay on the defensive until they are weakened and summarily destroyed.” They’ve got your expected Sith skills like the signature Force Choke, which can be used as a means of persuasion or instant death and also moves like an area-of-effect smash that paralyzes enemies and a huge lunge that will stun (or outright kill) from afar.

As for gear, they wear heavy armor and make extensive use of forms of “biological augmentation” which “imbue the wearer with immense strength and fortitude.” So basically, it sounds like a tank class (maybe that’s what they’re going for with the “Warrior” tag) with the ability to do Force Chokes and use two lightsabers at once. Sign me up.

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