Blackwell‘s final case will have a fairly dark tone, introducing a threat that literally tears souls apart.

The Blackwell games are a fan-favorite adventure series these days; quite the accomplishment for a franchise launching when point-and-click games were considered extinct. They tell the ongoing story of Rosa Blackwell, a recently-awakened clairvoyant who investigates crimes and helps lost spirits with the help of a sardonic 1930s ghost named Joey Mallone. The previous four games have charted Rosa’s path from novice medium to seasoned paranormal investigator, but now the upcoming Blackwell Epiphany will bring her story to a close. And from the sounds of things, this ending won’t be one from which she or Joey ultimately emerge unscathed.

While the exact threat Rosa and Joey face isn’t clear (it wouldn’t be a good mystery if that was the case) it certainly sounds like their most challenging. As the pair conducts their usual investigations, they witness the very spirits they’re rescuing torn to pieces by an unknown force. With the afterlife offering no apparent safety, Rosa and Joey will have to work together to find answers, all while preserving her sanity and his now-mortal soul.

“I always knew how Rosa and Joey’s story would end, but figuring out how to get there was a challenge,” said series creator Dave Gilbert. “Every lesson I learned over the last eight years has been put to good use. This is the last Blackwell game and we’ve given it our all – it’s longer, more detailed, darker, and more atmospheric than any of the games that came before it. I can’t think of a more worthy note to end on.”

Blackwell Epiphany is expected to launch this April, giving new players lots of time to catch up with The Blackwell Bundle via Steam or Alternatively, the entire series is also making its way to to mobile platforms, starting with The Blackwell Legacy for iPhone and iPad devices this Spring.

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