Advergaming specialists Blitz Games is offering a new program where gamers may tour its offices to educate themselves on the development process.

Blitz Games, developer of the Burger King advertisement games, announced that its “open day” idea, where the public could come and tour the company’s offices, has received a resoundingly positive response from the gaming masses. Since its announcement at September’s London Games Festival, all potential application spots have been filled. The event is set to take place in March at the company’s headquarters in Leamington Spa, England, and will feature guest speakers and programs for game design students.

Blitz education liaison Kim Blake said, “The open days have definitely struck a chord with lecturers and students from all corners of the UK. We’re delighted with the response. The open days are providing a valuable insight into how games are made and how a studio operates. This is information that can’t be obtained any other way. Blitz is determined and committed to working with the educational institutions to continually improve the courses on offer and thereby the quality of graduates entering our fast growing industry.”


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