Blizzard is allowing World of Warcraft players to try the end of the world before they pay to experience it.

If you’re one of the few that hasn’t purchased World of Warcraft: Cataclysm yet, a new offer from Blizzard might make you change your mind. Blizzard has announced that it’ll be offering a 10-day trial of Cataclysm‘s exclusive features just to give you an idea of how badly Deathwing’s fire can burn.

Every player’s World of Warcraft has already been destroyed by Deathwing in starting regions, but purchasing Cataclysm unlocks a host of new features and high-level zones. Only Cataclysm owners can create Goblin and Worgen characters, engage in the Archaeology profession, visit Mount Hyjal (current day) or Vashj’ir, and level up to 85 by completing the expansion’s all new quests.

To play the Cataclysm trial, players must have a full subscription to Wrath of the Lich King, or have had one in the past. As soon as the trial is activated in one’s account, all of Cataclysm‘s exclusive features will be accessible, but they’ll expire 10 days later.

Worgen and Goblin characters created will not be destroyed, but they won’t be playable again until Cataclysm is purchased. Level 80 players can gain experience during the trial, but only to one point before level 81. Quest rewards and items found can be kept, which includes pets.

Blizzard is betting that once players put themselves into the shoes of a lupine humanoid or a Goblin, they’ll have no choice but to fork over $39.99 plus applicable sales tax. To start the trial, go here.

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