Blizzard Wants You to Bug Your WoW Guildies From Your Phone


Want to set up a Blackwing Descent raid or organize a guild session in Warsong Gulch, but you aren’t near a computer? Blizzard has you covered.

About a year ago, Blizzard put the first phase of its “World of Warcraft Remote” plans into action with the WoW Remote Auction House. While the Remote Auction House let players check on – and even bid on – their auctions while not logged-in, it was really only limited to the section of the playerbase that likes to game their server’s economy.

The WoW Remote team has just updated the web site with details of the second phase of Blizzard’s world-domination ploy: Remote Guild Chat, for iOS and Android devices.

It’s exactly what it sounds like: A downloadable application that hooks in to your WoW account, and allows you to chat with your guild members and see who’s online without being anywhere near anything more powerful than a netbook. You can filter chat as necessary or engage in private whispers, plan out your guild schedule for raids or group PvP, and check the WoW Armory all from within the app, too.

Unlike the Authenticator app for mobile phones, which is free (and which every WoW and StarCraft II player should already have), WoW Remote costs an extra $2.99 per month on top of your normal WoW subscription, though you get both guild chat, the Remote Auction House, and any other features the developers add down the line. If you’re hardcore enough into WoW to need to communicate with your guildies when you aren’t logged in the game, you probably won’t mind paying it, either.

While I don’t think I’ll be using it myself, it’s certainly a cool idea. I have some doubts about the veracity of the screenshot you see here to the right, however. They’re saying they’re hoping to get Grim Batol for their random daily dungeon, and nobody wants to get Grim Batol for their random daily dungeon.

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