BlizzCon ’09: New Diablo III Class: The Monk


Blizzard has taken the wraps off the newest Diablo III class, and it’s one that should please fans of the martial arts: the fast-fisted, staff-swinging Monk.

Blizzard revealed the newest playable class for Diablo III during the opening ceremony of BlizzCon ’09, and he’s a real fistful. The Monk is a martial artist in the vein of the classic kung fu fighter. Dressed in Shaolin robes with a big-time beard and looking like a character straight out of Dynasty Warriors, The Monk uses serious close quarters combat to take down its foes.

The class made its debut in a trailer that found The Monk being led into a trap – a town full of some undead baddies which it promptly defeated using some crazy fast strikes, staff swings and some energy blasts. Making his way out of the town, The Monk encountered the mysterious figure who led him into the trap. Obviously the guy was up to no good. Obviously he was a demon who can shoot fireballs. A DragonBall Z esque fight followed, with all sorts of airborne chopsocky and over-the-top action.

Next Blizzard rolled a gameplay trailer showing some of the Monk’s skills: a teleportation move (the “Seven-Sided Strike”) where the Monk moves between enemies so quick he only leaves shilouettes behind him, all sorts of chi energy (I’m guessing) moves where he can create explosions that take out tons of enemies with area of effect damage. There’s tons of blood, there’s classic martial arts style combat. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this is probably the class Assassin players from Diablo II will want to use.

The Monk’s playable on the show floor, and though Funk and I have already gotten some playtime in sans The Monk, you can bet we’ll be heading back for some more action.

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