Blog Haters Hack Tumblr


GNAA spokesman Leon Kaiser claims that at least 6,000 unique users are affected by the Tumblr hack.

A group calling itself the GNAA has propagated a worm intended to infect and attack Tumblr blogs. The attack is, according to GNAA spokesman Leon Kaiser, part of the group’s ongoing war on blogging which, Kaiser claims, lowers journalistic standards “to the point where the number of friends a murderer has on Facebook has become news.”

The attack replaces content with the GNAA screed, a post which calls on “emo” Tumblr users to “drink bleach and die.” Kaiser claims that at least 6,000 unique users have been affected by the attack; accounts for Reuters, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and The Verge are known to have been compromised.

Tumblr has advised users who have clicked on a post that begins “Dearest ‘Tumblr’ users” to immediately log out of all browsers that may be using Tumblr. Tumblr engineers claim to have fixed the problem, but should you encounter it there is an easy fix, according to Buzzfeed.

Previous GNAA stunts include hacking the Obama campaign’s social media site, and convincing several media outlets that, post Hurricane Sandy, people were organizing looting raids via Twitter, using the hashtag #Sandylootcrew.

Source: Guardian

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