The nutcase who threatened to blow up Best Buy over his Modern Warfare 3 preorder says he was only kidding.

Tuesday was a bad day for 31-year-old Colorado man and Modern Warfare 3 fan Lomorin Sar. After waiting to pick up his MW3 preorder at a midnight launch event at Best Buy, he was told he didn’t actually have a preorder and wouldn’t be allowed to buy the game. He didn’t take the news well, allegedly threatening to shoot employees and blow up the whole store, which, big surprise, led to the police being called and charges of disorderly conduct and making a bomb threat. But he was only kidding!

“I put my hands up to my head and I’m like, ‘God, now I’m mad.’ I said, ‘I am so pissed right now I can blow this place up’,” Sar told

He acknowledged that it was a “poor choice of words” but continued, “I wasn’t gonna blow it up or anything like that. It’s just something you say when you get mad, you know what I mean? But they’re like empty threats. You can’t get in trouble for just saying you’re gonna bomb a building.”

To clarify for those unaware – like Mr. Sar here – you actually can get in trouble for saying you’re going to bomb a building. Go into an airport sometime and try it, or if that’s not convenient, buy a ticket to a movie and then start screaming “Fire!” midway through the show. People tend to take that sort of thing seriously.

And while screwed-up preorders are frustrating, it turns out that Sar’s may not have been carved in stone. Despite being an obviously high-strung Modern Warfare 3 fan, he waited until the day before launch to put in his preorder and called it in while he was driving, so he wasn’t able to write down his invoice number or anything else related to the transaction. He says he was told that he could get in line at 11 pm and would have “no problems” picking it up, but when he got to the counter the staffer said his name wasn’t in the system, even though he said he could see it written on a box.

Sar said he’s sorry for threatening to kill people but believes he’s owed an apology as well. “It has to be mutual. [The manager] needs to apologize for screwing me around,” he said. “It’s like me wasting my time over there when I could have just been at home playing already. I wanted to be playing. That’s what I wanted to do. Playing and ranking up.”

He is presumably now doing just that with the copy of Modern Warfare 3 he picked up after the incident at a nearby Walmart.

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