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Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Gets PS/Xbox Release Date and Price

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk release

Jet Set Radio is a stylistic franchise. Sega’s rollerblading/graffiti series was a big deal on the Dreamcast and Xbox, and rumor has it the company is bringing it back via a reboot. While we wait for that announcement, the spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, has been turning heads. We know that Jet Grind Radio and Jet Set Radio Future‘s composer, Hideki Nagamura, is working on the soundtrack to Cyberfunk. Also, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk received an August 18 release date for Steam/Switch rather unceremoniously during April’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase. Thanks to a new trailer, we know the title is hitting PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 1. It will have a $39.99 price tag.

Here’s developer Team Reptile’s “Official Special Trailer” relaying the release date news for Bomb Rush Cyberfunk:

Whoa, you can use skateboards, bikes, and jetpacks, in addition to rollerblades? This helps differentiate Cyberfunk from its inspiration.

Visually, the game has the same cel-shaded look as the Jet Set titles. Doing tricks, extending combos, and messing with the police are similar gameplay-wise, as well. Spraying graffiti looks a little more dynamic, though. And the plot surrounding the main character, Red, sounds pretty original. His head was cut off and it has been replaced with a cyberhead. It’s up to you and the friends you meet along the way to find out why it was removed in the first place. Pretty rad!

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