Both Sides Of The Force Are Bad When Used By Gang Members


Y’know, it’s probably for the best that we don’t all have access to The Force.

It’s probably safe to say that the number one nerd fantasy in the world is to be a Jedi (well, OK, maybe not after the Prequel Trilogy of movies, but the wish is most likely still in the top ten). That said, a new video on the Web shows just how messed up things would be if local neighborhood gang members had lightsabers and Force powers.

“Epic Jedi Gang Fight” certainly isn’t the most originally-titled video on YouTube, but it’s a clever satire of the Star Wars franchise. Basically, two gangs (nominally resembling forces of the Empire and the Rebellion) square off against each other in an alleyway, but things get pretty chaotic (and more than a little violent) when the members start busting out lightsabers (including the normal kind, one that looks like a modified set of nunchucks, and several switchblade-sized ones). Between the blasters, Force powers, and lightsabers, only a couple of gang members survive the battle but are busted by a cop who can use the Force, too.

The video short was directed by Sam Macaroni, who has a penchant for creating absurd (though impressive) movies that feature some pretty crazy action pieces. What’s next for Macaroni? Star Wars characters starring in anti-smoking commercials? Nope, that’s already been done.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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