Brace Yourself For The Baconing

Hothead Games is warning gamers far and wide to prepare themselves for an epic adventure so unlike anything they’ve experienced before that it can only be – it must be – The Baconing.

The Baconing. It is not just the name of a new videogame from Hothead. Neither is it merely the greatest name for a videogame ever conceived by those who make videogames. No, it is the name of a videogame chosen by those who make videogames when they discover that the domain name they originally chose has already been registered by someone else. It sizzles, it crackles; it spits hot grease on your bare skin. And it is awesome.

“With an epic name such as The Baconing we didn’t want to detract from one of the most memorable videogame names in history, so we created a trailer that shows only the title logo,” explained Bob from marketing. “This trailer explains half of the story about how we arrived at this name, the other half of this story is down to one of our loyal fans.”

The powerful retelling of the mythology of the Bacon Fires will feature “old friends and new acquaintances” in a “high-profile” adventure, promises Hothead. It will also be fun. The exciting new game is currently in development for the PC, Mac and other platforms, and is scheduled for release in late summer 2011. Don’t miss it!

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