Braves’ Rockets Red Glare Sets Old Glory Ablaze

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Fortunately it didn’t go up in smoke: crisped yes, destroyed no.

Picture the scene: Hank Aaron is on the ball field, and the Atlanta Braves’ Opening Day ceremony is in full swing. The American Flag flies proudly over Turner Field. Then the fireworks go off, and with them go Old Glory, blazing like a bonfire. The rocket’s red glare launched from the Braves Vision screen was just a little too close for comfort.

“Just as a few fireworks went off before the game, the wind blew the flag in the wrong direction and it caught on fire,” says Julie Paulk, whose quick camera work caught the shots you see in the video montage. Fortunately the flag was flame retardant and quickly extinguished itself, but not before Paulk captured some memorable moments.

The team has said the fireworks will be adjusted so this doesn’t happen again, and a new flag is already flying. Whatever the symbolism, it doesn’t seem to have had any negative impact on the Braves’ performance. Ervin Santana enjoyed a fantastic debut, with eight scoreless innings. “It’s very exciting,” said he. “I just can’t wait for the next one.”

Neither can the pyrotechnics genius, I bet.

Source: Julie Paulk

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