InXile CEO Brian Fargo says the recently announced Bard’s Tale IV won’t disrupt the ongoing development of Torment: Tides of Numenara.

This past weekend, InXile Entertainment delighted RPG fans with the announcement that it was in the process of producing a new entry in the classic Bard’s Tale franchise. The new game, simply entitled The Bard’s Tale IV, will be the first direct sequel the series has seen in nearly three decades. Exciting as that is however, it also raised potential questions about some of InXile’s other in-the-works games. Torment: Tides of Numenara, is still unfinished and, while it’s slated to release in “late 2015,” another big RPG project like Bard’s Tale IV is exactly the sort of thing that could lead gamers to worry about it hitting its targets.

That being the case, InXile CEO Brian Fargo would assure Torment‘s fans and Kickstarter backers that they have nothing to fear. “[Bard’s Tale IV] won’t interfere with Torment any more than Torment interfered with [Wasteland 2],” he said, speaking to The Escapist. “We always have a secondary project with a smaller team trailing our next release.” Fargo would go on to agree when we asked if the company’s new round of dual development would basically be the same as it was when it was working on Wasteland 2. “Yes, exactly,” he said. We’re going to assume he didn’t mean there would be delays like with Wasteland 2.

Then again, when you consider how solid a game Wasteland 2 wound up being, Fargo’s statements might still be a confidence booster for the company’s fans. Regardless, we’re eager to see what InXile does with the Bard’s Tale franchise. Will it strive to modernize? Stick to its roots? Do something completely unexpected? Fargo wasn’t able to share many details about the game’s direction but affirmed that more details would come as its development progressed.

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