Britain’s Septuagenarian Gamer


Watch what you say the next time you’re playing Call of Duty: World at War – you might just be playing against someone old enough to be your grandfather.

The elderly don’t immediately spring to mind aren’t when ou think about online gaming, but 70 year old Stanley Thompson is defying all conventions and ‘pwning’ with the best of them.

In an interview with, Stanley spoke about how he got his start playing online, as well as his favorite games.

“The first game I ever played online was Monster Truck Madness. I then played another driving game called Insane and that was my favorite. Indeed I would still play it now but it won’t play with XP or Vista … I play Joint Operations online in co-op mode and also COD WAW in co-op, but for single-player I play Battlefield 2, COD4, COD WAW, and Medal of Honour Airborne. MOH Airborne does not have a very good multiplayer side in my opinion.”

Stanley says that his family are very supportive of his hobby, but he sometimes has to explain himself to others. “When I tell people that I play FPS games online, they say, ‘what, at your age?’, so I tell them it keeps my mind sharp and gives me something to do other than watching TV all day.”

Personally, I find the idea of a 70 year old gamer rather comforting, not only is it awesome in its own right, it is another small step towards dispelling the myth that gaming is something that only kids do.

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