Nintendo’s British advertising campaign is all about real people liking their Wiis – even ladies who strut their stuff on the stage.

At first, the Nintendo Real Stories campaign was quaintly trying to appeal to the female audience in the United Kingdom. You had Helen Mirren talking about everything that she got out of playing with her Wii Fit, and reportedly getting paid a half million pounds to do it. There was even an advertisement featuring an all-female rugby club and how they use the Wii to loosen up new members and promote togetherness. But now the marketing department at Nintendo may be trying to nab some of the male audience in Britain by featuring a burlesque dancer in the latest Wii ad.

Well, I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy that. It was kind of cute how they combined the motherly feelings she has with her profession as a dancer. Nintendo may be trying to cater to the so-called casual market with its latest console but it sure seems to be doing something right. The Wii has sold incredibly well worldwide since it came out in 2006, with more than 7 million sold in the UK according to the commercial.

What do you think, friends from across the pond, is the Wii “Britain’s favourite” as the advert suggests?

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