British gymnast, stuntman, and probable ninja Damien Walters has released a demo reel of his amazing athleticism demonstrating exactly why you should never, ever let your girlfriend meet this guy.

Even forgetting for a moment that he has abs that would shame Michelangelo’s David, and that Mr. Walters is currently working on the latest film by the brother/transgender sister duo behind The Matrix, Damien is like some kind of living incarnation of the phrase “wicked awesome.”

I won’t describe the whole reel in detail, but I would like to point out two highlights:

First, at the 57 second mark, Damien completely strips down to his underoos while flipping through the air. I fell and smacked my head against the side of my bathtub getting into the shower this morning.

The moral of this homoerotic story? Damien Walters is a bit more coordinated than I am.

Second, at the 44 second mark, he enters a moving car by jumping onto it from the opposite side, sliding across its moon roof, then curling himself into the passenger side window. I dare any of you to try the same thing and not die five or six times.

(Note: The Escapist is not responsible for any death that may occur as a result of anything you read here.)

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