Tim Schafer has two new goals for Double Fine: make more money and then start publishing its own games.

Tim Schafer is just full of news this week. Yesterday, the head of Double Fine angered Activision when he called CEO Bobby Kotick names (which he subsequently regretted uttering). Today, it’s been revealed that Schafer would like to eventually eschew publishers altogether and have Double Fine put out its own titles.

Delivering the keynote opening speech of the Develop Conference in Brighton, Schafer stated that Double Fine will (some day) try to self-publish games. “I always think about self-publishing – that would be an awesome thing to do. The second we have more money we’re going to do that.”

For the moment, Double Fine is still working with publishers and won’t be getting rid of them any time soon. The studio has four new games in development and is simultaneously working with different publishers to put them out.

It’s not exactly surprising that Schafer would like to stop working with publishers, based on how badly Majesco botched Psychonauts‘s release and the recent drama with Activision and Brütal Legend. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for the developer to raise enough money to start putting out its own games without any outside help.

Source: Develop

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