Buena Vista Games Licenses GameBryo Elements Suite


Buena Vista Games has licensed Emergent’s Elements tools for next generation titles.

Buena Vista Games, the interactive arm of The Walt Disney Company, has agreed to license the Gamebryo engine and Emergent Elements development suite from Emergent Game Technologies for the creation of Playstation 3 and XBox 360 titles. Emergent’s Custom Engineering team will be working with Buena Vista on implementing the engine and toolset on the new hardware platforms. This is the second licensing deal that Emergent has announced within the past week, including the deal with TimeGate Studios to use the Elements suite.

The vice president of Buena Vista development team Internal Studios, Mark Meyers, was quoted saying that, “Gamebryo gives BVG the flexibility and hands-on customer support we demand from new technology that will be used across multiple development teams–each of which uses a mix of different technologies to create games spanning a full range of genres.”

Source: Gamasutra

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